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Bug Princess
Introducing the legendary arcade shooter in Hoshifuri Village!

APP TITLE Bug Princess
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LANGUAGES English / Japanese
RELEASE DATE December 15, 2011
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Please note that there are restrictions on compatible devices and OS versions. Make sure to read our compatible devices page before purchasing.

The prominent 5 stages from the arcade version
awaits Princess Reco & her friend Kiniro

The story now begins for Princess Reco on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as one of the famous shooters for "Bug Princess" series...

RECO (15)

Princess of Hoshifuri village. Rides her friend "Kiniro" and explores in search of God in Shinju Forest.


A Rhinoceros Beetle Koju who carries the "sacrifice".
Its role is to fly Princess Reco to the God of the Koju.

The 3 modes available for all players from beginners to experts!

Experience the three modes ranging from Original with relatively less bullets to Ultra.
In addition, the 4 levels of difficulty create the bullet hell shooting available for all users.

Original mode
Maniac mode
Ultra mode
Experience the action of 3 different games in one!

High resolution graphics for universal application!

Universal app versatile for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!
Beautiful graphics, complete with waves of bullets
that fill the screen!

Compete your scores on Game Center/ Open Feint!
Added "Score Attack" mode for score addicts!

Rankings are available for these two different courses,
"All stages" and "Score Attack".
Test your skills and compete with all players around the world!



Original mode
A basic mode with less bullets.


Maniac mode
Unlocked by clearing Original mode.
Evade thousands of bullets while earning massive score bonuses.


Ultra mode
Unlocked by clearing Maniac mode.
Extreme difficulty: play at your own risk.


Select the difficulty level in the main menu.

Select Novice to play the game with less bullets on-screen.

Choose Hell to play the game with the original bullet patterns.



Move your character by sliding your finger across the screen.
Your shot will automatically fire.


There are three types of shots that your character can use.
Shot power-ups will rotate between the different shot types as they float on-screen..
Pick them up to boost your attack power or change your shot type.


Press the BOMB button to throw a burst seed at the enemy, cancelling all bullets on screen and dealing major damage.
When Auto-bomb is enabled and your ship is hit, Reco will drop a bomb to protect herself. Any Burst Seeds you were holding will be used up.


Picking up Option Items will attach "option beetles" to your character which add to your firepower.
There are two types of option beetles.
Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to widen and narrow the attack span of your option beetles.


Enemies will drop amber gems after you defeat them. Pick up as many as you can to get a higher score. Scoring enough points will earn you extra lives.


Shot counters are added for Maniac Mode.
Hitting enemies with Shot will increase this counter and it will drop when you are not hitting an enemy. Your shot counter is added to your score when you defeat an enemy.



This is your score for this run.

2Life counter.

Shows the remaining life left.

3Shot Counter

The Shot counter will level as the shots hit the enemies.
This counter will also drop when the shots are not hitting the enemies.
A bonus will be added when point will be added when the shots hit the enemy when the counter is accumulated.

4Bomb Counter

Shows the remaining bomb counts.
Auto Bomb will use all remaining bombs.


Shows the control panel.
Customize button alignment and settings at Options.


This shows your High Score up to this point.


Acquire gems for points.


Dodge the incoming bullets and enemy bodies.


Pressing this button will pause the game.

In another time...

A human village stood in a remote land, where dinosaurs roamed freely.
This was Utakata village, ruled by the arrogant queen Larsa.
Humans co-existed with the dinosaurs, and enjoyed a peaceful existence within their small kingdom.

One day, this village was attacked by the Koju.
These were insect Koju, alien to the region.
They used their great bodies to smash human homes, blasting them with toxic "levitation energy" and laying waste to the village.

To protect his country, Aki, the first son of Larsa, fought against the attack.
Aki used his talents for taming animals to train dinosaurs to fight the Koju.
The war went on for years.
When the Koju retreated, more would appear to take their place.
They pressed the attack relentlessly...
Aki set off for Shinju Forest on his own, where the god of the Koju was said to reside, to learn why the Koju were attacking the village.

Some time after Aki had left the kingdom, the Koju attacks stopped.
However, Aki had not returned.

Queen Larsa awaited the return of her beloved son.
For immeasurably long months, she waited.
Among her many princes, the brave and sharp Aki was special to the Queen.
Aki was her only heir.
Surely he would return.
She swore to herself: if only he would come back, everything would be right once more and the throne could be passed to him.

Alas, a cruel report was delivered from the Shinju Forest search party.
Aki had been killed by Princess Reco, of Hoshifuri village.

"How dare beloved Aki!
Your days are numbered little princess!"

The Queen planned an expedition to Shinju Forest.
This forest was ruled by Koju and filled with volatile levitation energy; it could not be attacked head-on.
There, the queen had a revelation.

"Why not send my simple little Palm...muhahaha"

Pawn to his mother's ambitions, Palm was the 8th and youngest prince of the realm.
He was pure and unaffected, and adored his mother. Yet for the Queen, Palm could never be Aki, and he was nothing more than one prince among many.

"Your gentle brother has been maliciously murdered by an ugly little girl from Shinju forest."

So the queen stirred up Palm's hatred.

"If you can lure this Reco out of Shinju forest, the throne will be yours for the taking."

For Palm, the Queen's proposal was an unprecedented opportunity.
Here he could play the critical role of taking revenge for his brother, and inherit the throne to prolong his life and rise in the ranks...

"Mother, I swear: I will bring that girl back to you!"

The next morning, Palm hopped on his favorite dinosaur and set off to Shinju Forest in high spirits.

...There were other princes who could inherit the throne.
Surely it would be no loss for one to fall in battle.

These were the foolish thoughts of the Queen.

  • RECO
  • KOJU
  • AKI

RECO (15)

A young girl who sets off in search of the god of Shinju Forest, riding a Rhinoceros Beetle she has befriended.
She was born into the Hoshifuri royal family.
She does not remember much about the time she got lost in the forest.
With a bright and curious nature, Reco tends to act without thinking, proving a fair bit of trouble for those around her.

Her favorite food is a tree sap candy treat eaten by the Koju.
Recently she's been trying to increase her Burst Seed throw distance.


A Rhinoceros Beetle Koju who carries the "sacrifice".
Its role is to fly Princess Reco to the god of the Koju.
Thanks to Reco's bracelet, Kiniro can connect to the life force of the "sacrifice" and communicate with her.

Relatively well-behaved and quiet, Kiniro has no mercy when its life is in danger.
Particularly unfriendly towards Koju of the Stag Beetle type, Kiniro is quick to start a fight.


A general term for the giant arthropods that flourish across this land.
Mostly inhabiting forested areas, some Koju also live in the desert.
Migrating across a wide berth of forests and deserts, the Koju sprout vegetation from their bodies when they die, bringing green to lands in which it had disappeared.
Under their armored wings, the Koju possess an organic power known to humans as "levitation energy", which allows them to fly and can be shot as a weapon. Bullets of this levitation energy can also be brought to bear against enemies from the outside world.


A young man who once lived in Hoshifuri Village. Now, as the "King of the Koju", he is charged with keeping the forest Koju from wandering into the village.

Aki is a relaxed and quiet boy who likes taking walks.


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