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Bug Princess 2
Introducing the legendary arcade shooter in Hoshifuri Village!

APP TITLE Bug Princess 2
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LANGUAGES English / Japanese
RELEASE DATE April 05, 2012
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Please note that there are restrictions on compatible devices and OS versions. Make sure to read our compatible devices page before purchasing.

“Bug Princess 2”, a sequel to the popular arcade maniac shooter “Bug Princess” is now available!

A faithful port of the exciting five-stage bullet heaven from the arcade!
The story of the Goddess Reco after the traumatic event she overcame and a dragon-rider Palm begins here...
The journey unites two hearts into one.

RECO (15)

Princess of Hoshifuri illage. Rides her friend "Kiniro" and explores in search of God in Shinju Forest.


A Rhinoceros Beetle Koju who carries the "sacrifice".
Its role is to fly Princess Reco to the God of the Koju.

From beginners to hardcore players!

From the original mode with less bullets to the Ultra mode with the maximum number of bullets, there are three modes available with ranging difficulties!
There are also four difficulty levels – Novice, Normal, Hard and Hell – to choose from! Everyone from beginner to hardcore shooters can enjoy the world of “Bug Princess2”.

Original mode
Maniac mode
Ultra mode
Experience the action of 3 different games in one!

Same crisp graphics now universally compatible!

A universal app optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!
Experience the maniac shooter on amazing high-resolution display.

Slow-down control gives you the same arcade experience!

Slow-down controls lets you slow down the processing speed
within the game re-creating the same arcade experience!

Slow-down control is a function to let you adjust the processing speed.

Lots of scoreboards and a score attack mode!
Compatible with Game Center and OpenFeint!

An “All Stages” course to play through all stages and a “Score Attack” course to compete for the best score for each stage are available!
You’ll be up against players from all over the world with the worldwide scoreboard.



Original mode
A basic mode with less bullets.


Maniac mode
Unlocked by clearing Original mode.
Evade thousands of bullets while earning massive score bonuses.


Ultra mode
Unlocked by clearing Maniac mode.
Extreme difficulty: play at your own risk.


Select the difficulty level in the main menu.
Select Novice to play the game with less bullets on-screen.
Choose Hell to play the game with the original bullet patterns.

From the option menu in the [OTHER] section you can adjust the processing speed of the game.
Disable slowdown control to experience the bullet storm with nothing to hold back its intense speed.


Once you finish a stage you can play it in the PRACTICE section of the main menu.
You can change the settings of the practice sessions.
・Game Mode
・Shot Type
・Pwoer up
・Amber Counter



Move your character by sliding your finger across the screen.
Your shot will automatically fire.


Tap the SHOT CHANGE button to shift between Shot Mode & Laser Mode.


Tap the SHOT CHANGE button to shift between Shot Mode & Laser Mode.


Your shot power can be boosted by picking up power-up items.You can power up to 8 levels.


Tap the BOMB button to eliminate all enemy bullets on-screen and deliver massive damage to the enemy. You will earn one bomb for each bomb item you pick up. When Auto-bomb is enabled and your ship is hit, Reco will drop a bomb to protect herself. Any Burst Seeds you were holding will be used up.


Enemies will drop amber gems after you destroy them. Pick up as many as you can to get a higher score. Scoring enough points will earn you extra lives.


Gems you pick up are added to the gem counter located at the top left corner of the screen. Switch to shot mode when the counter changes to blue, and laser mode when it is green to earn a bigger gem bonus when you destroy an enemy.


Gems you pick up are added to the multiplier counter located at the top left corner of the screen. Destroying enemies with shot will increase the gem counter, and you will earn lots of gems if you destroy enemies using your laser while the gauge is red.


You can change the difficulty level from the main menu. Select NOVICE to play the game with less bullets on-screen. Choose HELL to play the game with the original bullet patterns.


1 Current score

2 Ships left

Your game ends when there are no ships left.
You can continue playing if you have credit (continue count) left.

3 Amber counter

Increases when you collect amber.
It will be multiplied by the scores of enemies and amber in Maniac Mode.

4 Amber meter

Exclusive to Maniac Mode, it increases when you destroy enemies with fire.
Bulk of amber will be produced when the meter is maxed out,
but it decreases if you do not destroy enemies.

5 Bombs left

6 Buttons

Switch between weapons and enable/disable bombs.

7 Highest score

The highest score you have achieved so far.

8 Amber

Is added to your score upon obtaining them.

9 Player

You lose a ship when you come in contact with an enemy or get hit by an enemy bullet.


Pause the game.

In another time...

A human village stood in a remote land, where dinosaurs roamed freely.
This was Utakata village, ruled by the arrogant queen Larsa.
Humans co-existed with the dinosaurs, and enjoyed a peaceful existence within their small kingdom.

One day, this village was attacked by the Koju.
These were insect Koju, alien to the region.
They used their great bodies to smash human homes, blasting them with toxic ""levitation energy"" and laying waste to the village.

To protect his country, Aki, the first son of Larsa, fought against the attack.
Aki used his talents for taming animals to train dinosaurs to fight the Koju.
The war went on for years.
When the Koju retreated, more would appear to take their place.
They pressed the attack relentlessly...
Aki set off for Shinju Forest on his own, where the god of the Koju was said to reside, to learn why the Koju were attacking the village.

Some time after Aki had left the kingdom, the Koju attacks stopped.
However, Aki had not returned.

Queen Larsa awaited the return of her beloved son.
For immeasurably long months, she waited.
Among her many princes, the brave and sharp Aki was special to the Queen.
Aki was her only heir.
Surely he would return.
She swore to herself: if only he would come back, everything would be right once more and the throne could be passed to him.

Alas, a cruel report was delivered from the Shinju Forest search party.
Aki had been killed by Princess Reco, of Hoshifuri village.

""How dare beloved Aki!
Your days are numbered little princess!""

The Queen planned an expedition to Shinju Forest.
This forest was ruled by Koju and filled with volatile levitation energy; it could not be attacked head-on.
There, the queen had a revelation.

""Why not send my simple little Palm...muhahaha""

Pawn to his mother's ambitions, Palm was the 8th and youngest prince of the realm.
He was pure and unaffected, and adored his mother. Yet for the Queen, Palm could never be Aki, and he was nothing more than one prince among many.

""Your gentle brother has been maliciously murdered by an ugly little girl from Shinju forest.""

So the queen stirred up Palm's hatred.

""If you can lure this Reco out of Shinju forest, the throne will be yours for the taking.""

For Palm, the Queen's proposal was an unprecedented opportunity.
Here he could play the critical role of taking revenge for his brother, and inherit the throne to prolong his life and rise in the ranks...

""Mother, I swear: I will bring that girl back to you!""

The next morning, Palm hopped on his favorite dinosaur and set off to Shinju Forest in high spirits.

...There were other princes who could inherit the throne.
Surely it would be no loss for one to fall in battle.

These were the foolish thoughts of the Queen."

Princess Reco of Hoshifuri village had defeated Aki, god of the forest, and become the protector goddess of Shinju Forest.
Kiniro's wounds healed thanks to the living forest, and Reco's broken heart mended. Still, a vague sense of foreboding recently haunted her.

On one of her regular walks through Shinju Forest, Reco encountered a young boy.
He had collapsed along with his companion, a large dinosaur.

Reco peered down at the young boy: ""Hey, are you ok?""

Opening his eyes, the boy gazed at Reco's face.

"" I?"" he asked Reco.
""This place is called Shinju Forest, but it's a place humans are forbidden to enter.""
""My name is Reco, and I'm the goddess who protects this forest.""

When Reco said this, the floodgates within his heart broke and he began to speak.
He had to get to ""Utakata Village"", deep within the crystal sea.
This was his home, and it was being assaulted by hordes of Koju...
So declared the young boy, whose name was Palm.

Palm ""If you're really a goddess, you can put a stop to this.""
Reco ""Are you saying you need my help?""

Palm nodded sharply.

Reco ""Oh what to do...leaving the forest unprotected could be dangerous...but I can't just ignore people in trouble...""

Reco thought hard, and made her decision.

""Ok! I'll be glad to help if you really think my power can be of service.
Aki would want it this way, I know it.""

Reco ""By the way, who is that big guy behind you?""
Palm ""Oh that's my dragon buddy Hirow! He carried me all the way here.""
Reco ""I see. Hello there Hirow!""
Palm ""So you'll come with me right, Miss g-god-""
Reco ""Call me Reco!""
Palm ""Er, er, alright then Reco, hehe.""

This is how Reco and Palm came to leave Shinju Forest behind and begin their grand adventure.
There was, however, no way for Reco to know the terrible price that Shinju Forest would pay for her absence."
  • RECO
  • PALM


The protector goddess of Shinju Forest.
She rides a Rhinocerous beetle Koju that she has befriended, named Kiniro.
The Burst Seed that she uses has a purification effect that boosts its power.

Age: Unknown 15 in human years

"I can't just look away when someone's in trouble!"


A three-horned Rhinoceros Beetle Koju who has befriended Reco.
Accompanied by smaller beetle Koju who he commands,
and Kiniro doesn't get along with a Koju of the same type called "Kurogane".


Brother to Aki, once god of the forest, and son to Queen Larsa of Utakata palace.
Palm rode his dragon, Hirow, to come meet Reco in Shinju Forest.

9 years old

s"I just don't know mom...did Reco really kill my brother Aki?"


A dragon-type dinosaur who has known Palm since he was young.
With the power of Palm's staff, Hirow can breath fireballs that knock enemies out of the sky.


Queen of Utakata palace and mother to Palm.
Convinced that her son Aki was killed by Reco, she burns with hatred.
To protect her palace, she has tamed hundreds of dragons with her powers.

"Oh ho ho ho, kill, kill, kill Reco!"


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