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The Gothic Horror Shooting Classic, now on Smartphone!

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LANGUAGES English/Japanese
RELEASE DATE iPhone :July 7, 2011
Andorid:July 18, 2013
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Please note that there are restrictions on compatible devices and OS versions. Make sure to read our compatible devices page before purchasing.


A brand new Smartphone Mode in addition to the Arcade classic!
Lots to play for those who have played DEATHSMILES or for those just starting out.
Practice Modes also included!
A great challenge for those just getting started with shooters!

New Character "Princess Tiara"! All-original Story Included

Tiara, granddaughter of the Gilverado King, is here!
First appearing on a DEATHSMILES Drama CD, Tiara leaps to life in DEATHSMILES Smartphone Mode!
Enjoy an original story starring Tiara in Smartphone Mode!


Smartphone Mode features new character designs and an original scenario handled by manga illustrator and writer Yukinatsu Mori.
Based on the original character designs by DEATHSMILES series illustrator Junya Inoue, Yukinatsu’s illustrations give new life to the Angels.

Yukinatsu Mori
Yukinatsu Mori is a manga artist currently drawing and writing “Tama-san” for Manga Time. Character Designer and Scenario Writer for DEATHSMILES Smartphone at the strong recommendation of Junya Inoue.

Junya Inoue
Veteran character designer and graphic artist at CAVE and other game companies. After leaving CAVE, Inoue went independent as a manga artist, and later created the character and world design for the DEATHSMILES series, as well as Voice Work for some characters.
Currently writing manga series “BTOOOM!” at Bunch Comics.


Brand new music for your quest through Gilverado!
Veteran CAVE composer Takeshi Miyamoto (Muchi Muchi Pork, Pink Sweets etc.) pens entirely new compositions for Smartphone Mode. A new Gilverado sings forth on your mobile device.

Takeshi Miyamoto Profile
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
A veteran sound editor, Mr. Miyamoto toured with bands and later joined CAVE in 2003.
He was involved in the soundtracks to "Pink Sweets", "Muchi Muchi Pork" and "MEGATEN".

Click one of the Modes below.

  • Smartphone Mode
  • Arcade Mode

Smartphone Mode and Arcade Mode Controls

Moving your Character
Slide your finger across the screen to move your character.
Using your Shot
Your shot will automatically fire.
Pressing the LEFT SHOT or RIGHT SHOT button will allow you to switch your attack from left to right.
*At the Options Screen, there is a setting to map the Left/Right directions to two separate buttons. Tapping these buttons will trigger your attack.
Using your Laser
Press the LASER button to switch to a stronger attack.
Pressing it again will return you to the Shot attack.
*At the Options Screen, there is a setting to map the Left/Right directions to two separate buttons. Tapping these buttons will trigger your attack.
Lock Shot
Holding down the LOCK SHOT button will trigger your character's targeting attack. Any enemy that enters the white targeting circle will be attacked automatically.
*At the Options Screen, there is a setting to hide the Lock Shot button during gameplay.
Summoning Magic
If you run into an enemy or a bullet, your Angel's summoning magic will be triggered, erasing all enemy bullets on-screen.
When your magic stock drops to 0, your character will take damage.
*At the Options Screen, you can display a BOMB button during gameplay to control when you want to bomb.
Obstacles in a stage will usually block your shot and prevent you from moving forward.
However, touching an obstacle will not cause damage to your character.
Power-up Mode

When your Item Counter is at 1000, hold down the POWER UP button to trigger Power-up mode and boost your attack power.
While in Power-up Mode, your Item Counter will decrease until it hits 0.
Select control settings that work best for you at the Button Layout screen under the Options Menu.
  • Arcade Mode
  • Smartphone Mode


Pressing this button will pause the game.

2LIVES(Arcade Mode)

This is your character's life gauge.
You will lose a life when hit by an enemy bullet, and lose half a life if you run into an enemy.


This is your score for this run.


This shows the amount of summoning magic you have left.


This shows your High Score up to this point.


This is your Angel's Demon Familiar.


Pick up point items tol raise this value. The higher it grows, the bigger the bonus to your score. Your Overall Counter is easiest to increase while in Power-up Mode.


This is your character.
You will get hit if a bullet hits the small heart at the middle of your character.


Point items add to your score.
There are three types: small, medium and large.


Picking up point items will increase your Item Counter.
Once it reaches 1000, you can hit the POWER UP button to power up your character.


Your control panel is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
The types and positions of buttons displayed can be changed at the Options Screen.

12LIFE GAUGE(Smartphone Mode)

This is your character's life gauge.
Getting hit by an enemy bullet or running into an enemy will decrease it.


This indicates the amount of gold your character has collected.


Enemy life gauges are displayed on-screen.


Defeated enemies will sometimes drop a treasure chest.

DEATHSMILES for Smartphone Mode STORY

"Several months had passed since
Princess Tiara had set out on a frantic
quest for magical crystals...
dragging the Angels into the fray...

On this sunny afternoon,
a new chapter in her story unfolds…"
  • Windia
  • Casper
  • Follett
  • Rosa
  • Tiara

Wind Magic

In the real world, Windia was a 13-year-old girl born into a well-to-do London family.
Half a year ago, she found herself in Gilverado and became the fourth of Dior's "Angels." Rather shy and something of a crybaby, Windia would prefer to stay a child for the rest of her life.
One day in the real world, she was suddenly abducted while on her way to school. The instant that Windia began to fear for her life, she was enveloped in light and never seen again.

Here in Gilverado, she has tapped into her powers as a wind user and, despite her lack of training, embarked on her first mission. Windia quickly bonded with “Hoo,” her spirit familiar, although their relationship resembles a hapless master and her faithful butler, much to Hoo’s dismay.

Death Magic

The second Angel, Casper came to Gilverado from Germany when she was six years old.

It is unclear why she became one of the “Lost Children.”Perhaps something cruel had happened to her in the past, for Casper cannot remember anything of her life in the real world.

Whether this is due to some unfortunate incident, or purely by chance, she discovered the powers of Death Magic and became the strongest of the Angels.
Both selfish and cynical, Casper's nature does not serve her in making friends. However, this is merely a reflection of her loneliness; Casper is actually starved for affection, but the awkward part of her personality prevents here from being direct with people.

Flame Magic

When she was 10, Follett arrived in Gilverado and became the third Angel.
Follett was swept away by the current after a nearby river overflowed in a storm, and she was never seen again.

Overwhelmed by the freezing cold, Follett's power as a fire user manifested, and her first burst of flame instantly started a forest fire in Gilverado. Follett was cared for by the Angels, who arrived to extinguish the blaze.

Not very good with people, Follett loves to stay at home and read books. Even though her magic has already grown quite powerful, Follett has a habit of constantly referring to her Tome of Judgment, which may be an admonishment to herself for the forest fire she caused.

Spirit Magic

When she was 8, Rosa was caught in a traffic accident in California. She slipped through a door of light and arrived in Gilverado.
On the verge of death, it was Mr. Dior's healing magic that restored her to health.
Rosa became the first of Mr. Dior's "Angels."

Rosa’s magical aptitude has given her the power to control spirits.
As the Angel who has lived the longest in Gilverado, she has the most experience and is a trustworthy leader who protects the Angels under her command.
She cracks jokes and uses her humor to smooth out the differences among the Angels; however, her brand of humor does not always go over so well.

Princess Tiara

Granddaughter of the Gilverado King.

The same age as Follett, Tiara is known for her haughty attitude, although she is actually quite easy-going.

  • 1. Shot
  • 2. Laser
  • 3. Lock Shot
  • 1. Shot
  • 2. Laser
  • 3. Lock Shot
  • 1. Shot
  • 2. Laser
  • 3. Lock Shot
  • 1. Shot
  • 2. Laser
  • 3. Lock Shot
  • 1. Shot
  • 2. Laser
  • 3. Lock Shot
RecommendedLucky Charm
A pendant adorned with pink rabbits and hearts.
Treasure drop rate increases by 200%.
RecommendedContinues +5
+5 Continues in Smartphone Mode.
Continues +2
+2 Continues in Smartphone Mode.
Princess Umbrella
A traditional umbrella passed down the royal line.
Life recovers slowly if character stops moving.
Princess Crown
A traditional crown passed down the royal line.
Princess Dress
A traditional dress passed down the royal line.
Princess Heels
Traditional shoes passed down the royal line.
Hamaya Arrow
An arrow said to have once destroyed evil in a far-off land.
Attack with the Shikigami from Guwange.
Blissful Death
Built for a hero who fought to stop an endless war...
Wield the laser attack from Dodonpachi Daioujou.
Built for a warrior who fought to protect the future...
Wield the laser attack from Dodonpachi Resurrection.
Golden Horn
The horn of a golden Rhinocerous beetle.
Wield Reco's shot from Mushihimesama Futari.
An object built for the pilot of a legendary fighter ship.
Attack with the the Lock-on shot from Ketsui.

You need to purchase G-Coins to purchase In-game items for Android version.


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